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Surviving  Covid-19  2022  What Fauci Says

How effective is the vaccine?

  Why should we still wear masks?

Covid-19:  Is There a Natural Prevention?

covid 19 vaccine

My Experience

As someone who has had respiratory issues for the past seven years or so (bronchitis), I have experienced congestion and heaviness in the chest, as well as a dry cough (all symptoms of Covid), but learned how to nip the worse-case scenario (plural effusion and bruised ribs due to severe coughing) in the bud by taking an over counter allergy medication at onset of the earliest symptoms.

However, several days ago I did notice that the medication didn’t seem to work as it normally had, and yet I was too busy to really take serious note.  After another couple of days, I noticed severe body aches, and that I just couldn’t seem to get enough sleep.  It was difficult for me to wake up, and I had to force myself to get moving in the morning.  My body ached from head to toe, not including my unusual and nearly constant headache. 

This went on for a few more days.  Only after waking up at 1:30 a.m. with a fever and nearly passing out as I got up and took a couple of steps, did I realize; this wasn’t my chronic bronchitis that flares up a few times a year.  This was quite different, and living in Florida, more than likely, despite all of my efforts, I had contracted Covid-19.

Yes, this Covid virus is real!

Regardless of where it came from (nature or lab), this is a real virus, and clearly, it can be deadly and must be taken seriously.  The problem with many people who refuse to take the vaccine is that they not only fail to wear a proper mask and wear it properly, they also fail to ensure that their immune systems are strong and gets constant supplementation; as evidenced by their blood level of vitamin D3.   

Some people say that masks don’t work; and that’s partially true: some are mostly ineffective against virus protection; like  those blue masks that hospital personnel often use, which are only 65% effective, and even worse, masks made of cloth.  Many don’t realize that viruses are so tiny, that they can easily weave their way through these types of masks.  The CDC recommends N95 masks, which are said to be 95% effective at keeping viruses out.  Clearly however, wearing my N95 mask, combined with taking my D3, C, A, and zinc was not enough for me to remain untouched by Covid-19. 

After nearly passing out, (as I mentioned earlier) I immediately took out my zapper and began a one-hour session.  When I woke up about five hours later, I had no fever, no dizziness, no muscle aches or any other symptoms of Covid-19.  I zapped two more times that day, and once yesterday…just for “good measure.”  I have no more symptoms; and no, I am not vaccinated.  I am also not a doctor; so, I cannot tell people to do what I have done.  I can only share my personal experience as well as my sources of information. 

Actually, that’s not true.  I can suggest that you do as I have done, because all I did was read the available information and make a personal decision about my health, based on the information that I read from reputable sources, as well as other vital information provided over the years by my doctor, regarding my pH, blood pressure, and Vitamin D3 level.  If you can read and comprehend, then there is no reason that you cannot do what I did.   You will find just some of the information I used, below.  There’s more, if you’re willing to look for it.

If you want to know more about the zapper I mentioned, then read Dr. Hulga Clark’s, The Cure for all Diseases: With Many Case Histories; then take action (or not) as you see fit.

The Other Virus

Although it pales in comparison to Covid in the number of  people it kills, and it kills women (more than 375,000 worldwide every year), far more often than men, there is another virus that is common, and has been around for eons.  Yet it is a little known fact that it’s devastating effect in the form of cervical cancer  is nearly 100% preventable, according to the CDC (  

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